From not to hot DIY on your dated cloths

When old cloths are dated or a bit worn out most people would either donate them to goodwill or toss them out! Maybe cloths are little more centimental to me then the average person, oh I know! because I am a fashion addict so I always has reasons to keep all of my “cloth friends” as long as possible. So. I turned to my creative working mode and gave my cloths brand new look, a little more trendy I shall say. My goal is to stay practical, simple and affordable 🙂

I am working on a few projects right now but below are a couple of looks I just created from my “something old” that I have years a go. It was pretty back in the day but not so much anymore. I am so excited to show you ladies! ahhhh!!! this is so great and I hope this will inspire some of you ladies to turn your “oldie” into “new trendy” as well.


In this Photo:
Guess by Marciano top and skirt (2009)
Heels : Bebe
Altered and used by the same material from the original top and skirt. That’s the whole point right?

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