hot and bright hues

Recently I get to visit Vegas and we all know how much fun Vegas has to offer! Besides all those great machines that either giving you a chance in life or, in many cases where we could go home empty handed. Hypothetically speaking, as we all know SHOPPING! I decided to kill sometimes between shows, so little that I know I went on a hunt for bright hue dresses. Stumble on a sign said “sale” to me it’s like “Happness is await this way” so I went in and coming out with two hands full of bags. Big trouble!

But wait,
We are talking about Herve Ledger here. These dresses are so well tailored and I am obsess with the material! It actually squeezed every bit of human imperfection into the little dress like I was never gave birth before LOL I was really happy with the result. No bras and no spank needed, are you kidding me? SOLD! Also love the bright color, just so right for summer fun in the sun. I am so glad I bought the dresses and please read my other post for more Hever Ledger dress and see what it does for us ladies :))



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