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For the summer getaway the Damier Azur Canvas luggage (which is illustrated in the photo) is perfect. I love the light color because it complements warm destinations. The whole set comes with various different cases. Soft sided luggage, which can be used as carry-on’s for the plane, hard luggage, and rolling luggage. However, if you decide to purchase just one piece of the set, trust me the investment is well worth it! Why? Simply because Louis Vuitton is known for it’s outstanding quality and leather. In addition these cases can be used for both men and woman. My favorite bag within the whole selection of Louis Vuitton Luggage is definitely the Deauville bag, which is specially designed to keep beauty products perfectly organized. You can never have too many cosmetics, which makes packing all your beauty products simple and easy.

So in summation, I think whenever you purchase something of high quality; you treat it with more care than you would with an ordinary suitcase. Louis Vuitton luggage will never go out of style, and that’s exactly why purchasing any a piece of luggage from Louis Vuitton is a perfect investment for all your getaways. Just remember, the luggage you carry doesn’t have to be plain and boring. So, if you can . . . opt for Louis Vuitton’s beautiful quality luggage, because it will last a lifetime and always make your arrival a stylish one.

While on vacation, you want to arrive to your destination in style. Nothing says elegant and style more than Louis Vuitton luggage. Ever since I step into/or know about fashion I already got introduced to Louis Vuitton and it kept my heart warm for many years. I love how it elegant but still affordable and easy to collaborate with everyday outfits. Either you are on a run for errands or if you are planing for a fancy event/fancy dinner perhaps? I dream would be owning a piece of the travel trunk, vintage would be a dream come true. Oh, incase I didn’t mention before that I have special love for vintage fashion, well, you know now. I am going to keep calm and just love Louis Vuitton!!!

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