Simplify your life wear a jumpsuit

Howdy! I am so exciting to write about this simply gorgeous jumpsuit that I just got from Wilfred, in fact, it’s midnight and here I am writing to you!

I don’t know who invented jumpsuit but I must say thanks to this genius designer for putting great thought on the brainless day’s outfit. Who would of thought about onesie can look and feel amazing all in once? and what I love about this onesie is the material! I am about to make a confess. I am obsess with material that are soft and wrinkle free and the reasons are simple. I, a lazy fashionista who don’t like dealing with iron or packing complication so I usually draw to soft and winkle free clothing, ta da!!!

Not only this onesie caught my attention by the awesome material but when I put it on it hugs my body and give me curves. Now, how cool is that! Worth every penny when it comes to curves. You can dress this onesie up or down. Today I decided to take a bike ride to the local store so I am going to lay low. Simply completed the look with a bucket bag (needless to say about this stunning versatile bag) and cut out Michael Kors shoes (my most definitely favorite and no longer available). I hope you enjoy this look and don’t forget to let me know your thought about this look or any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!





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