Flattening and fashionable maxi

It’s so true the weather can cause such huge impact on how we feel and also how we dress for instant. I am so obsessed with maxi dress lately and it all because it’s been so hot out and the most comfortable, effortless and at the same time so CHIC is maxi and I couldn’t agreed more…

I am all about outfit that are versatile and almost all of the wardrobes in my closet are either can be mix and match or can be dress up or down. With maxi you can certainly make it however you like it, throw on a pair of sandals or heels, perhaps a pair of Adidas sneakers for those who are adventurous? Trick is to find the right fit. If you’re a petite like myself Forever21 and HM is a perfect place for you to shop. I found this adorable maxi dress for under $50 at Forever21 and I can’t pass a person without compliments. In this photos I decided to dressed this maxi up because it was my family lunch gather and I wanted to look a bit more formal for the day.


I absolute love how this flirty maxi dress fit me and how the whole back is laced up so it can fit almost anyone and you know this comes handy when your favorite dress is sold out in your size and what left is one size up or one size down, problem solved. I also think it’s so romantic and dreamy to wear on a date because you know he probably couldn’t resist! I got many great things to say about this dress but I hope to see you try it for yourself and maybe you can leave a comment below so that we can celebrate the dress together!




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