Your affordable PomPom Sandal DIY


Inspired by many designers such as Sam Edelman, Aquazzura, Dolce Garbana or Schutz …etc I decided to turn this Aldo gladiator into something new, something trendy. Everything that used in this process of making the Pom Pom gladiator can be found at Michael (my favorite craft store). I love how Michael often offer the 40% off regular item . I can’t stop thinking about what a great way to keep  crafty customer like myself wanting to come back for more all the time? and not to mention how awesome the service they provided.

I remembered wondered around for almost half hour and the store is about to close and I was so upset that I couldn’t find what I needed until. A male worker spotted me looking lost and offered his help. I thought that was so nice of him to stay a little later then closing time to helped me so I decided to be a regular forever. Anyways I hope you enjoy this post and make your own Pom Pom sandal. They are so great with off shoulders dress or even Jean, Short or use your imagination to maximize your fashion desires. Bohamian is coming back to stay guys!


In this picture:

Tunic – American Eagle

Gladiator Sandal/ Pompom Sandal – Aldo /Me

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