Feeling a little Daisy

Today I feel completely adorable in this dress from Aritzia and I just want to snap a few shots to share with you before I go to work. I have a very petite body type and a larger breast so finding dress that fits me properly is bit more challenging then you thought (I know right?) I don’t mean to complaint at all because it could be worse! and besides. I am not that girl who try to find imperfection about myself. No worry!

Back to the dress (so excited!!!)

I came across this little white dress while walking by Aritzia’s window at the mall and the manequin caught my attention.  I immediately noticed the details on the dress and thought it was extremely neat and the fit is phenomenal. I love how it is simple yet, not so boring. I thought about my colorful pompom gladiator will be perfect for this dress and so that was it. I don’t know if you remember the jumpsuit in the previous blog post but I bought this dress on the same day by the way. Not shopaholic at all right?!




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