Jet Black

Weekend woo hoo!!!

Time to take a deep deep breath, sipping a cup of my favorite tea and writing my thoughts to you guys. I can’t keep a secret to save my life and as I am writing this I just spilled my tea all over my table, great, alright. I drop, spill, forget…etcetera

Moving on…

I’ve always been obsessed with black and I don’t know how hard I try to pick different colors but somehow I will still end up with lots of black in my closet. It’s like I can never have enough of black everything! But, to my defense and you have to agree with me on this: black is so classic, modern and just so sophisticate to wear from everyday to gala or even to lunch or groceries shopping. My dilemma is my closet is invaded with black and it’s totally awesome!

I got this lovely maxi which you can also use as duster from Zara and I was so excited to tried it out but it was only Friday when I got it and it would of been totally inappropriate to wear it to work so you know the waiting game, not funny! I hardly can wait for my day off just so I can finally show off my maxi

This maxi/duster is perfect either on top of a bikini on the beach or Sunday picnic with a pair of short. Love the light weight material that flow in the air while you walk (check out my Instagram video). You can also try the flower crown or side french braids for this flirty look. Must have!




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