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A year a go when I stepped into the fashion world I was so overwhelmed and concerned with all the rules and regulations. I was so worry about wearing the same outfit that has been worn by somebody else, but you know what? once I let go of all that fine lines and just let my creative mind do whatever its heart desire, certainly everything just make so much sense! there is no rule in fashion but thats what makes fashion. It is all about how you wear it and play around with the outfit to fits your lifestyle and accessories are the key!



Thing is: there might be million of roses but none of it will look the same and when I chose to be a fashion blogger I do understand that the stage are high because there is so many of us doing the same thing. So I constantly remind myself to be patient and be original . But, first thing first I am having a hell of good time doing all this. Second, pursuit your dream doesn’t mean you have to be out there trying to make the big buck but, if there is? GREAT!




This HM romper I bought last season but when I wear it out today everyone wanted to know where did I get it. So I don’t think to be in style you have to have something completely this season, it can be whatever you feel good and look good in it. One little trick and the main reason why I love romper is it totally compromised my short legs and petite frame. Trust me on this one it work every time (ha ha)




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