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“You can’t choose where, when and which family you were born into but you can surely choose who , what and how you want to be”

I certainly wasn’t born privilege and I get it, most people don’t so there is nothing so special to brag about but except for the fact that I didn’t let poverty and abusive childhood to define who am? I am very proud of who I had became…

To this present day I often have nightmare and cold sweat in the middle of the night about being beaten, verbally and emotionally abused. But, as I said before “You can’t choose where, when and which family you were born into but you can surely choose who, what and how you want to be”.  I actually don’t regret anything that happened to me because I always look at my cup half full instead of half empty. I thought about many other kids that suffer further worse, besides. All of the struggles created my characters. Life is a rollercoaster so you can either scream about it or enjoy the ride and thrives

“Never let go of your dreams”

Earlier in my teen years fashion was not an option. I was to wear whatever available to me from a trip to the local church or hand me down from the oldest sibling. I remember my first paycheck when I was sixteen doing take out at a local Chinese restaurant I immediately went to Aldo and get myself a pair of black ankle boots. I kept them for several years until I met my husband and then I decided to started all over new. I remember started out with a Louis Vuitton bag then Chanel….and that’s how it all started

And so, who knew a unfortunate girl like me would ended up with everything that I have today? I am now a successful young entrepreneur in beauty background of 10 years helping other women feel beautiful from brows to toes. But before that I spent two and half year in Saint Mary University taking Business Law and it was the most miserable because I did what others wanted me to, wasn’t me. It wasn’t so long that I found out beauty and fashion was truly my passion and I followed my heart. I did it and look at how happy I am today?

I hope you can somewhat relate to my story and be strong. Follow your dream, work extra hard for it and someday you will achieve. Be kind to those who hurt you, let go of what already be the past because happiness start within you. I am still a workaholic but I am trying to take as much time off as possible to enjoy my girls. Yes, I am now a mother of two beautiful, funny and smart girls and a wife . Its so much fun and also a privilege to finally show what love really is to my girls. I often see life through my girls’s eyes and it’s truly beautiful.

“I’d like to think about fashion as if fashion is puzzles. Its all about how you put them together. How it fits and how it looks on your body”

Can’t forget to mention that among all the great designers I have special love for Christian Louboutin. His red sole has saved me from post dramatic stress caused from giving birth to my second child. I started to blog about his shoes and shortly after that  a mean friend has repeatedly mocked me about my English grammar how I did it all wrong. You think as an adult bullying isn’t a thing? think again! Only girl will drag one another down where a women will empower one another to success.  I hope you enjoy all of my blog posts as much as I am enjoy writing them for you. My English grammar might be very poor written but my feeling, personality and quality are always authenticate. Happy blogging everyone!

The girl with the red soles